Friday, 11 May 2012

Aprils Entries

Thank goodness its all for Shits and Giggles or we would be seriously sacked. There has been a lot going on so we are a tad behind uploading your fantastic entries for the Easter month. So without further digress here are the stunning entries for April.

Here is one from the team to start the ball rolling .. love the cutesy scissors

A fantastic 12 x 12 by Trish, we love the title you have chosen for your artwork

here is a fantastic close up to show the flower and the beautiful mirrors used on the layout.

 This one is done by Anne, a 6x6 with the cutest clothes hanger and very small dress.

A journal entry by Sue. What a great play on words love how this came together Sue and the tonings are so fresh and light.

 This ATC by Leigh - we love how you have found the vine that was used in the print.

Thanks again girls for sharing your artwork. And we hope you enjoyed your chocolate for Easter
the S&G team

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