Friday, 11 May 2012

MAY Shits and Giggles

It's time to celebrate Mother's Day. There are so many opportunities to really reap what we sow this month, the giving back of the love, the cuddle time, or giving to our own Mothers for all their hardwork. 

It was a hard call for Inspiration this month but we whittled it down to one so we hope you love the colors and can work with the quote to create your own inspired artwork.

So here it is ... are all your hopes and dreams what you thought they would be?

Please email pictures of your creations to plus your name and a link to your blog. We'll then upload all your beautiful work to this blog for everyone to appreciate.

S&G team

Aprils Entries

Thank goodness its all for Shits and Giggles or we would be seriously sacked. There has been a lot going on so we are a tad behind uploading your fantastic entries for the Easter month. So without further digress here are the stunning entries for April.

Here is one from the team to start the ball rolling .. love the cutesy scissors

A fantastic 12 x 12 by Trish, we love the title you have chosen for your artwork

here is a fantastic close up to show the flower and the beautiful mirrors used on the layout.

 This one is done by Anne, a 6x6 with the cutest clothes hanger and very small dress.

A journal entry by Sue. What a great play on words love how this came together Sue and the tonings are so fresh and light.

 This ATC by Leigh - we love how you have found the vine that was used in the print.

Thanks again girls for sharing your artwork. And we hope you enjoyed your chocolate for Easter
the S&G team

Sunday, 1 April 2012

April Shits and Giggles

Well, here we are into the the 4th month of the year already, and of course the beginning of the month means a whole new challenge here at S & G.
Once we get over the silly jokes of April Fools Day, our minds turn to Easter and that substance that we women have a love/hate relationship with.......the 'C' word......chocolate! So the team here thought that would be the perfect theme for this month's challenge, and here it is.....

There are some gorgeous colours in this one to work with, and some interesting textures for inspiration too. We really look forward to seeing what everyone creates each month, so don't disappoint us.....get out those journals, cards, paints, inks, paper and glue and GET CREATIVE!
Email your creations to by the end of  April.  And if you would like us to put a link to your site when we upload your work, remember to pop that in the email also.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

March Entries

Another month is over and here are the entries that have arrived in our inbox. We are loving the diversity of all the artworks .. thank you

first cab off the rank is Anne with her 6x6 layout... love the colors anne.

 Love love love the colors that Sue has used in her journal, beautiful Autumn colors and we love how the colours meld into each other... stunning

 Sylvia has added another page to her art journal and we love her take on this ... awesome colors and ideas... awesome Sylvia!

 OMG! - is all we could think of when we saw this beautiful card... We just love how Trish has added such detail by cutting out the hand and manoeuvring it to hold the sceptre of the Queen... great job Trish

 Finally a fantastic ATC card created by Leigh -- we love how Leigh has raised the acetate of the crown.

Overwhelmed is all we can think ... we love all the entries this month ... would love some more .. and have a great little challenge coming up for April... 

Monday, 5 March 2012


We decided to keep it nice and light with our quote for March and two of the team have come up with some amazing Scrapbooked Layouts to showcase this months prompt. 

The first one up is a 6x6 on Kraft and is subtle in its colorings and simply divine in its creation....  

 - and another Journal entry, adding a little boldness to the page but still adding the key components of yellow, green and red from the prompt. 

Love the crowns girls ... total queen material!

Don't forget we are waiting for your entries because we love to see YOUR artworks... share the love everyone... Email your creations to by the end of  March. And if you would like us to put a link to your site when we upload your work don't forget to pop that in the email also.


Thursday, 1 March 2012

March Shits and Giggles

Thanks so much for all those who sent us their designs for the month of February, we have loved looking over them and gathering so many ideas. It's simply amazing how each persons style can create something so beautiful yet unique to the next persons when using the same prompt.

There are so many things going on in the month of March. St Patricks day will be a fantastic day, lots of Guiness and painting the town green and Women's Day when all the women get to kick up our heels and celebrate being who we are.

So we thought we would try and find a topic and a pic with a  little green to go together and found this humdinger picture and quote ensemble on the net :

Don't forget if you would like us to put in a link to your personal blog when we upload your art to send your link through with your Challenge submission email. Email your creations to by the end of March.

We hope there are stacks of entries this month as this is a fantastic prompt and a great way to celebrate being who we are as women & creative souls.

the S&G team

Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Well in a last minute rush on the last day of the month, we've received our final entries for the 'month of love'. We're really thrilled that so many of you are participating in our challenges....and all for 'shits and giggles'!

First off we have an A4 journal page from Katrina with her first entry to S & G with a wonderful goth-inspired mixed media that background!

Next we have a 6x6 layout from Leesie who tells us that she hasn't scrapped for a couple of years and doesn't think this layout is 'really her'. We think it's very sweet and hope she'll have another go next month...

And finally another page from Sue's A5 journal with this lovely page. Love your take on this month's challenge Sue, and that flower is super-cute!

Thanks to all of you talented artists for playing along this month.....we're so glad you're enjoying our 'challenges with a difference'.  Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the March challenge.