Monday, 26 December 2011


Welcome to Shits & Giggles, a blog to find a little inspiration and create a little laughter in your life through art. 
This blog has been created for everyone who is ART inspired to explore and highlight some of those funnies that you read on the WWW, especially the Retro-inspired quotes.…  Yes it’s going to be a little quirky and a little irreverent – so get your art tools ready… any medium can play.

We all know the phrase ‘shits and giggles’ but what does that really mean? Well according to the Urban Dictionary there are a few meanings but the ones we have taken onboard for this new crafting adventure are this:

Shits and Giggles : To do something for leisure. To do something for one's own self pleasure and excitement gained from an often simple action or occurrence; often used to explain reason in response to a stupid question.

This is how we are going to play…. each month a new Quote will be posted that you will need to incorporate into your art, as well as a visual which you can use to gather inspiration from to create your masterpiece.

We would love to see what you have created from the visuals that go up on the blog. We would also love to put them up here for others to gather inspiration from.

There are no prizes just the joy of creating for the sake of one's own self pleasure and other feedback via similar artists on this blog because this is for shits and giggles!

Each month when you have created your piece of artwork we would love to see it and display it on our blog for everyone to appreciate. There will be info on the monthly blogpost on how to do this.

Have fun with the first upload going live on the 1st of each month starting January 2012.

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  1. This sounds like heaps of fun.....I might have to have a go at these challenges!